Autonomous car: Uber burns steps

Volvo-UberUber uses any means in order to be the first to deploy autonomous cars on a large scale. Throughout the week, the world champion of the VTC has distilled information on its strategy. Acquisition of Otto, agreement with Volvo and commercial debut of the first autonomous vehicles, the least we can say, is that Uber is at the height of his reputation as a champion of the digital transformation.

A vehicle autonomous strategy initiated in 2014

Travis Kalanick is not mystery, he wants to replace the drivers of its chauffeurs by robots. The CEO of Uber officially revealed it in 2014 and, since then, Uber has created a research unit dedicated to the autonomous car in Pittsburgh at the head of which Uber has placed one of the best researchers in robotics from Carnegie-Mellon.
Uber-UATC-CAR-BRIDGESince then, Uber worked on a first robotic fusion Ford who has been spotted on the streets of Pittsburgh in 2016, but this research comes to know a sudden acceleration. Uber has indeed proceed with the acquisition of Otto, a startup initially created for robotics heavy weights. This acquisition is estimated at 680 million dollars, a major investment but the technology developed by the California-based startup will allow to grill the steps and launch of VTC piloted by robots starting this month!

Thwarting the rumors, Uber has not forged an agreement with Fiat but with Volvo to deploy a first fleet of 100 equipped XC90 automation developed by Uber and not those of Volvo. The Uber/Volvo alliance would represent a joint investment of the order of $ 300 million.

If the first robotic Uber will still have a driver at the wheel to ensure safety, the objective of Travis Kalanick is very clear, remove drivers in order to lower costs. Even more than the automakers or even Google, the CEO of Uber has a direct interest in the development to the faster the autonomous car.

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