Autonomous car: Valeo joins forces with Mobileye

MobileyeA few months of marketing the first semi-autonomous cars, then 100% robotic cars in a few years, is the time for major maneuvers in the automotive industry.
Facing major German and American manufacturers, and incidentally from new entrants such as Google or maybe even Apple, Valeo has chosen to ally with Mobileye. This business specializes in image analysis to improve driving safety. The two partners, each will provide components in which it excels to form a competitive supply of automated driving.

Mobileye brings its chip for imagery analysis to Valeo

Mobileye algorithms at work.

Mobileye algorithms at work.

MobileEye is known for its conduct warning motorists, an advanced system (ADAS) driving installable second assistance monte. The Israeli-designed system relies on “a” smart camera to detect pedestrians, any line of the driver or even inadvertent braking of the previous vehicle. A technology light car 100% based on image analysis and for which Mobileye has designed and developed a specialized microprocessor, the EyeQx. An approach that particularly interested Valeo which, for its part, has developed sensors ultrasonic, radar and laser (LIDAR) scanners in low price. The autonomous car should combine all of these sensors to take the road. One of the challenges of the autonomous car lies in the fusion of data from all of these different strong sensors. Valeo will now integrate the EyeQx chips and Mobileye algorithms to its technology portfolio and meet the future requirements of builders who are now working on their first autonomous vehicles.

Source : “Valeo et Mobileye signent un accord technologique de coopération unique”, Valeo press release, March 11, 2015

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