Connected car: manufacturers signed a code of good conduct

Voiture connectéeThe connected car will collect lots of data about you. Lot of data. Potentially, car manufacturers will know everything your small habits. Your work place, your child’s school, hotels where you go on the weekend, the supermarket where you used to do your shopping, your car knows a lot more about your private life than you think. The connected car is going to be a gold mine for the so-called Big Data. To reassure future connected car buyers, automakers agree on the use of such personal data.

3 commitments to customer data

They are 12 under the Auto Alliance a commit on the exploitation of the data that will be connected by their vehicles. BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz USA, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo. Of course these does not intend to deprive ourselves of that will be generated by the vehicles they will market data. These could well evolve decisively the business model of the sector and the constructor will not let operators or actors as Google steal this opportunity.

Services connected to the vehicle, a market estimated at 25 billion dollars by the year 2018. (Source: BI Intelligence, 2014)

Services connected to the vehicle, a market estimated at 25 billion dollars by the year 2018. (Source: BI Intelligence, 2014)

Signatories builders waive well obviously not exploit the data that will be gleaned by the vehicles that they are developing, but they agree on three points: firstly, the manufacturers undertake to be transparent. Consumers will be clearly notified of the use of their data, whether in the instructions for use of the vehicle on their website. The second commitment focuses on the security of the personal data which will receive “enhanced protection”, without more details. Finally, the third undertaking concerns the sharing of data with the authorities which will be limited to a few specific circumstances.
In the final document of 13 pages, manufacturers describe their Charter of good conduct. It particularly undertake to seek prior authorization to the client before exploit geolocation data, biometric or behavioural data for marketing purposes. A commitment that seems to hit the seal of common sense, but which is nevertheless subject to multiple conditions…
We have seen in recent years, insurers have had good and evil to do pass the idea to install a box black in vehicles of their policyholders, even in Exchange for kickbacks. They are are pulled over applications for smartphone, yet much more invasive, but ultimately better accepted by consumers. Face grumbling from consumers, 3 commitments made by the 12 members of the Auto Alliance, which aren’t the french manufacturers, more resemble a minimum program.

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