Volkswagen: $106 billion to get the pole position

VWThe objective is clear: take the place of n ° 1 World car industry to Toyota. And Martin Winterkorn, CEO of the German giant, given itself the means of this ambition: 85.6 billion euros, or $ 106 billion to invest in 5 years to dethrone Toyota. Volkswagen, which is already the undertaking in the world, spent the most in R & D these last 3 years, will further accelerate. The manufacturer will multiply the launches of new models, but without neglecting the conquest of China in which VW will spend 22 billion euros more.

100 new models to launch from here to 2019

The sum is colossal. 85.6 billion euros will be invested by Volkswagen on the period 2014-2019 to surpass Toyota in terms of production. For comparison, the investment of PSA budget was EUR 2.4 billion for 2013.
Volkswagen plans to spend two-thirds of this sum to the launch of new models. Other manufacturers have to be worried. German, through its different brands plans to launch 100 new models. A deluge.

VW_WolfsburgThis year, on the first 3 quarters, Toyota had sold 7,615 million vehicles, compared with 7.4 million for Volkswagen and 7.37 million for General Motors. The fight for first place will be harsh, especially as Toyota clearly took the lead over its rivals in the field of hybrids and VW remains bracing on slight hybridization, that is to say a simple starter alternator rather than a true electric propulsion.
The official communiqué issued by Volkswagen says that R & D investments will go into production trains and a new generation of engines. Just like the other manufacturers pushed by European regulations on emissions of CO2 VW is engaged in a strategy of downsizing of its engines. The communiqué also stressed the development of hybrid and electric propulsion. The current Golf GTE and Audi e-tron hybrid are are forward keeps being designed in Wolfburg Armada.

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