Volkswagen deploys augmented reality glasses in its Wolfsburg factory

Volkswagen Wolfburg lunettes RANew illustration of the “Industry 4.0” strategy of Germany, Volkswagen has announced the deployment of reality goggles in its historic plant in Wolfsburg. While many industrial, both in France and in Germany are still testing augmented reality in pilots often of very limited extent, Volkswagen just as Airbus had done before him, has taken the step. Augmented reality becomes a real working tool.

Wolfburg, first factory Volkswagen to deploy RA sunglasses

The Volkswagen release is rather brief and terse, it is is not less important. The automaker announced that its deployment project in its workshop augmented reality glasses left the phase pilot and that the deployment was now engaged.

Volkswagen Ubimax - Google GlassAfter 3 months of tests, VW distributes glasses provided by Ubimax to its voluntary workers to help them in their duties; whether the installation of windscreens or mounting of transmissions. The difficulties associated with the low autonomy as to the low resolution of the camera embedded in the goggles that would make reading codes bar uncertain were lifted by the industrialist. At the moment 30 volunteers have chosen to use glasses proposed. SlashGear reveals that Volkswagen has made the choice of the Google Glass glasses provided by the German Ubimax and the Vuzix M100.

Volkswagen is studying other uses of augmented reality, especially for the picking of parts at the edge of chain. SAP is very involved in the development of this type of application. The VW release, which reveals that little information, does not specify if this deployment will be followed by others in the 61 factories of the group.

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