Volkswagen made live robots and workers in its factory in Salzgitter

Volkswagen a déployé les robots UR5 d'Universal Robots  dans son usine de moteurs de Salzgitter.Information is major for Universal Robotics, the constructor of Danish lightweight robots. Volkswagen has indeed deploy its UR5 in the Salzgitter engine plant. Robots in an automobile manufacturer, nothing really new you say? The shade, it is these robots are no longer isolated in protected cells, but side by side with the workers. A shade of size both in the methods of work and in robots operating costs. A trend towards the cobotique, the robot of assistance, which will require reinventing tomorrow plants.

The industrial robot knows not the first act of Asimov

Universal Robotics ER5

ER5 of Universal Robotics raises the glow plugs on the engines produced by Volkswagen.

Totally devoid of intelligence, the traditional industrial robot is incomparably effective once it comes to move pallets of products, heavy parts, solder. Other side of the coin, its power is synonymous with danger to surrounding people, the robot, deaf and blind being likely to injure anyone within arm’s reach. Where the need to isolate the robots in cells protected access carefully limited. Costly infrastructure to set up, consuming space in the workshop and which makes any redeployment in the long and tedious workshop. Where the idea of a new generation of lightweight robots equipped with sensors and sufficient intelligence to not hurt human beings humans nearby.

A robot that assists employees in difficult tasks

The Baxter of Rethink Robotics robot is available in France

The Baxter of Rethink Robotics robot is available in France

Standards EN ISO 10218, ER5 ofUniversal Robotics could be deployed by Volkswagen in the Salzgitter engine plant, an industrial site which has 6,000 people and produces 7,000 engines per day. These Danish robots, whose number was not specified, are responsible for the implementation of glow plugs in engine cylinder heads. A precision task that he perform alongside workers, without protection none, the acting robot as an assistant to the human operator.

We know exactly how many robots were actually deployed in Salzgitter, but Volkswagen is a good reference client for Universal Robotics at the time even or Baxter, his great American rival, arrives in Europe. Rethink Robotics, its designer, has indeed found a Distributor. Humarobotics (Génération Robots) offers this “harmless” robot in Europe, but markets research and education, only.

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