Volvo describes systems of its future autonomous car “Drive Me”

VolvoBy 2017, Volvo Car will roll a hundred autonomous cars through the streets of Gothenburg. A bet technology since these cars circulate in the middle of other vehicles. Two years after the launch of this ambitious project called “Drive me”, the constructor has just a first stage. Swedish engineers unveiled the sensors battery that will allow its cars to evolve into traffic safely. Time is no longer at the demonstrators, but experimentation.

A car full of sensors to create an environment in real-time 3D image

Volvo-2The autonomous car as understood by Volvo will rely on a GPS tracking, but also a perception at 360 ° of its environment. This perception to be fault-tolerant, Volvo has multiplied the sensors on his car in order to have at any time mapping 3D high resolution from the edge of the car. To achieve this, the Swedish account equip his car both laser, radar, but also of multiple cameras to analyze this environment. The first piece of this technological puzzle is a compact placed behind the windshield of the car. It combines a 76 GHz radar and a camera. This device, already installed in the new XC90 crossover, allows the car to visualize the road, ‘read’ the lights, signs so that other vehicles. In the bumper, 4 radars allow the car to analyse the obstacles on 360 °, of short-range radar complemented by 2 long radar scope at the back, particularly useful when the car will change taxiway. A very short distance, the drive offers 20 Ultrasonic sensors, sensors that are specifically sought at low speed.

La caméra à triple focale qui sera installée dans les voitures autonomes Volvo.

La caméra à triple focale qui sera installée dans les voitures autonomes Volvo.

Like the other projects of autonomous cars, engineers have used a LIDAR, a system of laser detection for mapping the scene at the front of the car. One who was chosen by Volvo offers a range of 150 metres for a viewing angle of 140 °. To detect pedestrians and other obstacles that might arise before the wheel of the car, Volvo account on a camera triple lens placed at the top of the windshield. This device behaves as if it were three cameras in 1 with a wide view over 140 °, 45 ° long range views and a breathtaking 34 ° for a better measure of distance. The positioning of the car will be provided by a GPS high resolution enhanced by an accelerometer and a gyroscope with 3 degrees of freedom.
Finally, the car will appeal of Cloud services that will be connected to the services of management of road traffic, so as to obtain data about traffic jams, work on the current or potential accidents to make auto road or not mode ‘Drive Me ‘. It remains two years Volvo engineers to make more reliable across and launch the first cars equipped with this option of automatic driving on the roads of Sweden.

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Source : “Volvo Cars presents a unique system solution for integrating self-driving cars into real traffic‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬”, Communiqué de presse Volvo Cars, February 19, 2015


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