Volvo rolls for Microsoft Hololens’ augmented reality

Volvo-HololensA short promotional video posted by the Microsoft Hololens team comes to reveal: the Swedish automaker is working with the American to provide outlets for augmented reality applications with the Microsoft Hololens glasses as support. No deployment date is mentioned, because it is known that the Hololens will be available to the account drop for developers starting from 2016. Nevertheless, this video book which tracks about uses of the reality augmented by point of sale.

The automotive industry is interested in reality increased both for its workshops as its concessions

The idea of bringing in concessions augmented reality glasses interested long-standing automakers. Facing catalogs of top-heavy models and countless options, more technical products, car dealers have increasingly need the support of digital. Renault and Ferrari especially were developed on Tablet, augmented reality applications while at the beginning of the year, Land Rover has unveiled its intention to deploy augmented reality Daqri SmartHelmet kits in its concessions.
Volvo comes to announce a partnership with Microsoft to develop applications Hololens to use future augmented American in its concessions reality goggles. The video shows including the ability to view the chain of traction of the car depending on the option chosen. A very spectacular application but finally enough gadget. Most interesting no doubt scenes that will be able to show prospects what serve the various devices of active safety of the vehicle of her choice. A drawing worth more than a long speech, immersive video is even more effective to explain the role of any particular option. The short video also shows a possible application of Hololens at Volvo, in its Assembly this time lines.


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