Volvo presents ROAR, a robot garbage collector project

Volvo has just released a video showing the first results of the research project ROAR for “Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling”. 3 universities are involved in this research project which aims to robotize in order the collection of rubbish. Unlike the solutions currently used by some cities where a robot arm is mounted on a classic truck, researchers have developed a more flexible solution: it combines a drone and an autonomous robot.

A robot combined with a drone to pick up trash

Researchers from the universities of Chalmers, Mälardalen and Penn State in are committed to heart joy. The robotic process which they have developed for Volvo is impressive. When the dumpster stops near a trash can, a drone takes off from the roof of the truck. This one will take off vertically from the scene to map the situation for the robot.

Le robot suit la route tracée par le drone pour ramener une la poubelle à la benne à ordure. Projet ROAR : Le robot suit la route tracée par le drone pour ramener la poubelle à la benne à ordure. [/ caption]

Until then fixed to the truck is released and fetches the trash spotted by the drone. Equipped with lidar and various sensors, it is able to bypass any obstacles come stand on the previously calculated route. The robot finally captures the trash to come hook it to the device for automatic emptying of the truck. The demonstration is impressive and terribly revealing. Where it takes a few seconds for a driven scavenger, need yet an abundance of means and long minutes for this robot to go pick up a garbage can on a sidewalk. If the technology is emerging, it will take a few years before robots can pick up our garbage.

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Source: “Drone to help refuse-collecting robot find refuse bins”, Volvo release, 25 February 2016

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