VW opens a ‘Data Lab’ in Munich

VW-Data-LabDigital in all its multiple forms has become an issue key for automakers, whatever they may be. The Volkswagen Group has opened in Munich a new research structure which should help the constructor and its multiple brands to face these challenges of digital. N ° 1 German automotive industry has not provided many details about the resources that will be allocated to this new research centre but its main areas of choice will be the Big Data and the Internet of things.

Release evokes a cooperation with the University of Munich (land of BMW) and various research institutes specialising in Artificial Intelligence. Cooperation with German Entrepreneurship GmbH will provide access to the industrial giant to all startups specializing in Big Data that will help put in place the services related to the connected car of tomorrow.

Source : “Volkswagen Group inaugurates Data Lab in Munich“, Volkswagen press release, November 20, 2014

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