Watson 2016: an artificial intelligence for President!

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watson white house “Do U.S. the first country whose power is held by algorithms”, the slogan of the new U.S. presidential candidate is clear: an artificial intelligence could do better than the human candidates. This AI Twitter account actuated the arguments of this virtual candidate. Watson will be a candidate who will support its decisions on data, empirical and scientific methods, a candidate who can guarantee the neutrality of the net… and who will monitor closely the NSA. Watson is obviously not a new candidate pushed by IBM in the presidential election, but a happening.

Watson, a candidate who is not afraid to make promises


the “Watson for President” site put in place for presidential.

The ‘ Watson for President 2016 ‘ site has everything a true presidential candidate site. Watson have substantiated and convincing arguments. It promise Americans a health system, free access to universities, the end of the homeless or… the legalization of recreational drugs. Voila Watson proposals for young voters. Watson did not neglect his other potential voters: road rehabilitation, development of renewable energy, construction of new networks of transport and communication and still better working conditions and minimum wage, seen, Watson as any ‘good’ presidential candidate, is not stingy with promises. Great reinforcement of testimonials from IBM Research engineers, this candidate demonstrates that these capabilities are much greater than that of humans. Has not beaten couture plate top of between – them to the Jeopardy? Even cancer can be defeated through Watson, then govern a country will only be a formality!

_oykfcjG who is behind this ‘Watson 2016’ campaign? Not IBM, of course. It is not certain that the U.S. appreciated this advertising for its IA and already the Facebook “VoteWatson2016” account has been disabled. A clue? The site has appealed for donations not for this election campaign which is completely fictitious, but for EFF ( Electronic Frontier Foundation). The Facebook account has obviously already been disabled this empty campaign to denounce the development of algorithms in our societies, but many voters in countries where corruption or just the incompetence of the political class is generalized could well prefer to be administered by an IA like Watson…

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Elections : Would you vote for an AI ?
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