IBM Watson, the AI which wants to replace «Data Scientists»

Avatar-IBM-WatsonThe Big Data show which was held in Paris this week was an opportunity for IBM to explain to French companies that IBM Watson can achieve for enterprises. It had known champion Watson of the game show Jeopardy!, then Diagnostician for some major American hospitals, Watson knocks at the door of enterprises.
IBM offers this IA to large companies, but smaller companies as a service in the Cloud. The U.S. offers even all test its artificial intelligence on a website where anyone can create an online account, load its data and see how Watson will analyze them.

Watson, an AI sold as an automated solution for analyzing data

Today, the most sought-after profile by businesses, is the “Data Scientist”, this strange product of the crossing of a statistician, a developer and an analyst. They are the ones who are tasked with transforming the heaps of data collected on the Internet or via the connected objects into black gold. A golden age that could yet be of short duration. IBM clearly pushes his Watson as a real alternative to those too rare and too expensive “Data Scientists” in the eyes of the HRD.

spiral-complex676x380From this point of view, the demonstration made during the “Big Data” of Paris was compelling. Simply load the data from the Cloud and his question for Watson is in voice mode (you can query the software via a smartphone), or in natural language. Watson will include the French language at the end of year 2015. The software offers even a list of questions to answer from the information available. Watson chooses 50 algorithms to deliver its response. The IA works in mode box black, it is not possible to choose the algorithm. The pre-sales engineer of IBM said that was not the role of Watson. The “Data Scientists,” will have to turn to the SPSS software offer of data mining ‘classic’ IBM.
Click and artificial intelligence generates the graph which seemed the most relevant. There, it is possible to select another mode of visualization. Watson does not fully work in mode box black because it delivers a percentage of relevance to each of the results that it calculates. A user to estimate whether or not it relies on Watson.
The Automatic Data Mining of Watson announces the end of ‘Data Scientists’? It is in any case like this that IBM sells to businesses.

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