The first holographic GPS navigation system arrives in the United States

navion_interfaceWayRay and Orange Business Services have chosen the United States as a market launch for the Navion. This is a new innovative navigation system since it uses a hologram to display directly on the route display technology and notifications on the windshield of the vehicle. A display of augmented reality system inspired by aeronautics, but which requires more reflective surface.

WayRay et Orange Business Services partners to launch Navion in USA

A route that is displayed on a small screen on the dashboard, but directly on the road, in following the curve and the perspective, this is what has managed to develop the WayRay startup.
Switzerland WayRay finally sells his holographic technology with the Navion. The United States have been selected as a launch for a country the company, based in Switzerland, in Moscow and now in San Francisco chose Orange Business Services as a partner to launch its display wig but also WayRay Element, a tracker system which, as a ‘human’ activity tracker will record continuously all the technical parameters of the car.


Navion’s WayRay displayed on the route to follow in augmented reality windshield, but also SMS, notification Twitter and eMail under the eyes of the driver.

Available in model Bluetooth or cellular, this dongle baptized the “wearable for your car” by marketing WayRay comes onto the socket bus car is coupled to a Cloud service as well as a mobile application with which the motorist will be able to consult its routes, km travelled, pick up badges its driving functions. OBS will provide coverage network for these two retrofit equipment to equip the current vehicles.

If all cars will be connected and probably equipped with such a posting in a few years, WayRay equipment will give access to these technologies of the future to drivers of all vehicles marketed since 1992.

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Source : “The World’s First Holographic Navigation System Arrives for U.S. Drivers”, Business Wire press release, december 2, 2015

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