Can an artificial intelligence replace the Web Designers?

TheGridThe list of occupations potentially replaceable by a robot or artificial intelligence continues to grow. Last function potentially on the hot seat, the Web Designer. The Grid is working on an artificial intelligence capable of generating websites tailored according to the content to be shown on the site and not a new site generator from templates. An approach that could leave tank except that the founder of this startup is none other than the former director of Google Adsense.

Objective: Sites that create themselves

If they think they are cosmonauts on their website, these guys are serious. The Grid was co-founded by Brian Axe, the former director of Google AdSense, and Dan Tocchini, partner agency D4 Interactive has created sites for Audi, Microsoft. In particular, it employs a former researcher at CERN, an analyst with Credit Suisse and Henri Bergius, the creator of the visual development environment NoFlo. All are working on an engine generating websites completely automated. The purpose of The Grid: sites that create themselves.


Which actually book analyzes the artificial intelligence of The Grid? Mystery …

Their goal is clear. It would be enough to download all images, texts about the service, define the purpose of the site is to get new customers, more followers, increase sales. The engine analyzes all of this content and then, depending on the colors, contrast images creates a fully customized site different from other sites designed by the artificial intelligence. Photos revises the software and the site issued by responsive design looks dynamic and adapt to the behavior of the user.
The work of The Grid are serious enough to have convinced Greg Badros, vice president at Facebook and John Pleasants, former president of Disney Interactive funded only in part, the operation. If he can raise enough money, the service will be launched in spring 2015 for its future customers, it should only cost $ 25 per month. At that price, however changing site each month … doing without the help of a web designer.

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Source : “The Grid Uses Artificial Intelligence To Design Your Websites For You”, TechCrunch, October 8, 2014

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