XTI launches crowdfunding campaign for its vertical takeoff aircraft case

XTI TriFan 600The success of Elon Musk they inspire American entrepreneurs beyond all measure? The wildest industrial projects now seem to have a chance of being realized in the United States. In this regard, the trifan 600 is pretty well placed. This 6-seater business jet is capable of flying almost as fast as a jet but is best able to land vertically on a helicopter landing area. A technical challenge but also a financial challenge that seems to have little chance of success if it is past the 4 founders of this startup.

The crowdfunding campaign XTI aimed primarily professional investors

XTI, the name of the startup that offers this business to manufacture non-standard aircraft was created by a bunch of veterans of the aviation industry. The management consists in fact of Jeffrey Pino former CEO of Sikorsky helicopter manufacturer famous, Charlie Johnson , former president of Cessna and Dennis Olcott , chief engineers who made his career at Adam Aircraft and especially at Piper where he was in charge of the program PiperJet.

Mid-plane, half-helicopter, the Trifan 600 VTOL must be built in composite materials and carbon fibers.

Mid-plane, half-helicopter, the Trifan 600 VTOL must be built in composite materials and carbon fibers.

This dream team has launched a new challenge, create a VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) business aircraft. This project has not been drawn on a corner table. Their startup was born in 2012 and the team is working on this project since that time in order to launch this crowdfunding campaign with elements strong enough to convince investors. Since launching such a project to the general public would not have much sense (that can actually afford a plane?), They preferred their proposed project on StartEngine, a platform intended only for investors, rather than going on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise money.
XTI how he will manage to raise to fund his project, mystery. For comparison, the only service in transport aircraft currently is the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey military. Although bigger than Trifan 600, the Osprey can carry 24 marines in addition to its crew represented a 35.6 billion dollar program to 408 copies at a unit cost of approximately $ 72.1 million. Although smaller, the Trifan 600 must be marketed between 10 to 12 million dollars according to its designers who hope to sell 40 to 100 per year. An objective rather optimistic when the market does not yet exist and that Trifan will face AgustaWestland AW609 to a born civilized version of the Bell XV-15 demonstrator défricha for the area of ​​Osprey “tiltrotor” aircraft tiltrotor. The AW609, a bit bigger (6 places + 2 pilots) should be marketed at a price estimated at 24 million.

The Trifan 699 VTOL wants to challenge the business jets

The Trifan 600 must carry 6 people to more than 1,200 km. Other versions may emerge if successful.

The Trifan 600 must carry 6 people to more than 1,200 km. Other versions may emerge if successful.

For an unbeatable price, the Trifan 600 will be powered by two turboprop engines that will lead three turbofans, ie of ducted propellers. One of the turbofans, placed in the fuselage only be used in vertical flight in the wings while the other two turbofans switch from the horizontal to the vertical to propel the aircraft at a cruising speed of the order of 340 knots (630 km / h). This is much faster than a helicopter, but less than a business jet (the cruising speed of a Falcon 7X is 486 knots. According to its designers, the Trifan 600 will make a difference because by being able to off from their company landing area, it will prevent its passengers to go to distant airports … As for outreach, it will be between 1200 km and 2000 km, depending on the load and type theft (vertical take-off or not).

the founders of XTI he will manage to carry out a project as ambitious with funding out of crowdfunding and especially without funding from the Pentagon? This will be the real revolution of this Trifan 600.

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