XtreeE is going to build student housing in 3D printing

student housing will be built soon in France using robots for 3D printing. It’s a startup, XtreeE who will realize this innovative project on behalf of Habitat 76, a social landlord which manages 30,000 homes in Seine Maritime and the inevitable CROUS (regional Centre of University and school works), the body that manages the “Cites U” in France. If the number of dwellings or even what they will look like, these student housing will be delivered in 2018, making it the first of its kind in France and probably in Europe.

A test project for the maturity of concrete 3D printing

If houses and even the buildings made in 3D in China printing attracted the attention of the media on concrete 3D printing, Chinese are not the only ones to master this XXL printing technology. Significant projects are carried out in Italy, in Dubai, the Netherlands. In France, it is XtreeE that has established itself as a major player in this market still being created. the Paris startup is partner with Dassault systems for which she printed a demonstration module currently installed in the campus of the editor. XtreeE has also signed a partnership with a global giant in the construction sector, Vinci who joined the startup capital. The amount of this investment is still unknown.

This student housing project will be a good indicator of the print control 3D concrete by the teams of XtreeE, but also of its ability to produce large structures. It will also be a good indicator of the acceptance of such innovative projects by principals as well as users of these future structures, students.

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